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Progetterra’s founder, Lindsay Rasmussen, has been studying and researching high performance design since 2013. She first started as an undergraduate research member of the University of Oregon’s Stellar Apartments research team. This team, led by Professor Alison Kwok, undertook a 2-year energy performance case study on the Stellar Apartments – the first affordable, multifamily certified passive house in the United States.  This study looked at the operational performance of the passive house compared to an almost identical ‘Earth Advantage’ building, which was roughly 10-15% better than code at that time. They presented this research at PLEA 2015 in Bologna, Italy, and published the data and reults in The Stellar Apartments.

Knowing that the building sector impacts climate change through both operational carbon and embodied carbon – the carbon emitted from extracting, manufacturing, transporting, and constructing materials – Lindsay, supported by Professor Kwok, then completed an embodied carbon analysis on the Stellar Apartments as a capstone research project in 2017.

After presenting that research at PLEA 2017 in Edinburgh, Scotland, they wanted to take the study one step further and see if they could drive down the embodied carbon impacts of high performance design through material selection.  “The Carbon Impacts of Passive House Design” compared 6 different Pacific Northwest passive house projects to see what construction methods resulted in the least embodied carbon impact for equivalent operational performance.


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